Transport Decarbonisation Alliance


The Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) is a unique collaboration between countries, cities/regions, and companies the “3 C’s” to accelerate the worldwide transformation of the transportation sector towards a net-zero emission mobility system before 2050.


The TDA builds on the commitments and the stated ambition of Heads of States, Mayors and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) to decarbonise transport before 2050 by targeting emissions from all modes of passenger mobility and freight transport. Building on the specific momentum and action generated by the ‘3Cs’ for accelerating transformation of the sector, of the TDA :

Accelerates and scales up ambition
for the transport sector

by outlining a shared vision for
front-runners in transport decarbonisation.

Enables action through joint
‘Communities of Interest’ (CoIs)
that tackle critical drivers and disruptors to
low carbon mobility from the perspectives of
Countries, Cities/Regions and Companies.

Provides an advocacy platform to
influence political decision-making
in international fora on climate change and
sustainable development, as well as in
other multilateral and bilateral processes,
and gatherings of the private sector
and local and regional governments.

Following re-appointment in 2019, SLOCAT continued providing secretariat services to the TDA:

TDA Members




For the TDA launch in May 2018,
UN Secretary-General António Guterres
had sent a message of support, emphasising “Transport is an important part of the solution”.