Following the proposed sustainable development goal structure of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (OWG) in July 2014; the United Nations General Assembly started the intergovernmental negotiations for the finalization of the Post-2015 Development Framework in January 2015. In the negotiations, the member states are discussing the final list of sustainable development goals, targets and indicators, as well as the means of implementation for these goals.

The SLoCaT Partnership has a 3-person volunteer team (Berni Reifeld, Anjana Sreedhar and Jadayah Spencer) in New York tracking the international negotiation process, joining the meetings open for civil society and the major groups, as well as other relevant meetings on SDGs.  In the coming months, the SLoCaT Secretariat will continue to publish the unofficial meeting notes from these events in this page.

United Nations Post-2015 Intergovernmental Negotiations (Declaration Session)-February 20th 2015

Interactive Dialogue with Major Groups and Stakeholders-February 19th 2015

Launch of report on “Scientific Review of Targets for the Sustainable Development Goals:The Science Perspective”February 18th 2015

Permanent Mission of Denmark Side Event: Business Action on SDGs-February 17th 2015

Baltic Sea Forum Lunch Event: Social Development and economical and environmental responsibility through Sustainable Transport -February 11th 2015

UNCTAD Side Event: Making the SDGs Work: Harnessing Trade, Investment, Finance and Technology for Sustainable Development– February 10th, 2015

Dialogue between Financing for Development Conference Co-Facilitators, civil society and business-January 29th, 2015

Side Event: Tracking Progress on the SDGs: Indicators and Review Mechanisms- January 17th, 2015