Warsaw Statement on Low Carbon Transport and Sustainable Development

WARSAW STATEMENT ON LOW CARBON TRANSPORT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT  (As of January 2014, 465 individuals and 150 organizations have done so)

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Transport Day 2013 concluded with the adoption of the “Warsaw Statement on Low Carbon Transport and Sustainable Development”. The Warsaw Statement contains recommendations on how to strengthen the integration of sustainable, low carbon transport in the UNFCCC process, especially the new global agreement on climate change. Negotiations on the new climate agreement started following agreement on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action in Durban, South Africa in 2011, where the global community decided to develop a new global climate change agreement. A review of this meeting and the following COP and the implications for land transport can be found in the following two reports; The Doha Gateway and Did Durban Deliver? It is envisaged that the new global climate agreement will be reached by 2015 and that it will come in force by 2020.

The Warsaw Statement was developed through a collaborative process by representatives of sustainable transport and development institutions around the world.  On November 20, the Warsaw Statement was presented to the UNFCCC Executive Director Christiana Figueres.  It was also sent to the UNFCC Secretariat, the national focal points and the chairs of the main negotiating groups on Monday 18th November.  A press release on Transport Day 2013 and the Warsaw Statement was sent to the press and disseminated during any possible transport side events in week 2 of COP 19. The Warsaw Statement was also widely circulated in the wider international community in respect to the development of a Sustainable Development Goal and SLoCaT’s input into the 7th Session of the Open Working Group on 6-10 January 2014. 

The Warsaw Statement received a lot of endorsement from a wide range of organizations and individuals, and it was presented at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit.