Transport needs to be a key topic at the One Planet Summit

On 12 December 2017, the government of France is hosting the One Planet Summit, to celebrate the two year anniversary of the Paris Agreement. The organizers of the summit: the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the President of the World Bank Group, Jim Yong Kim, and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, bring together of heads of state, as well as hundreds of CEOs, mayors, civil society representatives in Paris to accelerate our common efforts to fight climate change.

Transport needs to be a key topic at the One Planet Summit, with transport being responsible for about a quarter of energy related GHG emissions. SLoCaT estimates indicates that realizing the well-below 2 degrees target of the Paris Agreement will require a reduction of transport-related emissions from the current 7.7 gigatons CO2 equivalent to 2-3 Gt by 2050.

The One Planet Summit can reinforce the action on Transport and Climate Change by building support for the Transport Decarbonization Alliance (TDA) that was announced at COP23. The initiators – France, Portugal, The Netherlands and Costa Rica – firmly believe that more ambition and action is needed in the Transport sector. The Alliance trusts that governments, cities/territories and companies committed to decarbonize rapidly will, jointly together, succeed in building and massively deploying solutions, at a cost acceptable by society at large and with high returns. The Alliance is convinced that the visionaries, leaders and practitioners in business, science and government must be trusted to put the world on the right journey to a rejuvenated economy.  Credible roadmaps to transformation exist, technical, behavioural and institutional barriers have to be tackled. Countries must now phase and synergize their efforts with cities and companies so that the right public policies, at national and subnational levels, match and foster the needed strategic investments. Read more on the TDA at:

Discussions on Transport in the One Planet Summit should:

  1. Help promote the inclusion of transport in the Talanoa Dialogue process
  2. Encourage all transport stakeholders to step action on pre-2020 mitigation efforts
  3. Help ensure that the Paris Agreement work programme being developed by the UNFCCC will incentivize the transport sector to take action
  4. Spur the further development the Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA)
  5. Support the Marrakesh Partnership on Global Climate Action, especially the 21 MPGCA Transport Initiatives
  6. Raise the profile of transport in the IPCC Special Report on 1.5DS
  7. Promote the Paris Process on Mobility and Climate “Global Macro Roadmap Outlining An Actionable Vision Towards Decarbonized, Resilient Transport” and development of regional-national versions as basis for policy making
  8. Encourage action on adaptation to climate change in the transport sector, amongst others through engagement in the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation
  9. Advance the development of a Global Status Report on Transport and Climate Change (TCCGSR) and
  10. Increase coordinated climate action in the global transport sector through the Transport and Sustainability for All (SuM4All) Initiative

Further details on these 10 Key Actions can be found in the SLoCaT/PPMC report, “COP23: Transport Building Momentum to Raise Ambition and Define Implementation Pathways,”

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  1. Transport is responsible for 18% of total GHG emissions in 2015 and expected to grow. #OnePlanetSummit
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  3. Shift movement of goods and people to the most efficient modes can significantly reduce impact of transport on #ClimateChange #OnePlanetSummit
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  5. Rapid technological developments on e-mobility and ICT: significant potential for scaled-up mitigation action in the transport sector! #OnePlanetSummit
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  9. SLoCaT Analysis of 150 Transport Emission Methodologies & Tools Shows Strong Potential to Measure Carbon Reduction #OnePlanetSummit #WeAreTransport
  10. New Transport Decarbonisation Alliance (TDA) to push for further, faster climate action and to stimulate greater political leadership in the sector. #OnePlanetSummit #WeAreTransport
  11. Decarbonization of all modes of transport by 2050 is possible – but action is needed now #OnePlanetSummit #WeAreTransport
  12. Action on low carbon transport supports eight of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #OnePlanetSummit #WeAreTransport
  13. Investment in sustainable, low carbon, and resilient transport offer great value for money #OnePlanetSummit #WeAreTransport
  14. Innovative solutions exist that can transform current transport systems to be efficient, low-carbon and people-oriented #OnePlanetSummit
  15. Sustainable transport will be essential for countries to deliver on their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) #OnePlanetSummit
  16. The global transport community stands ready to support countries, cities and companies action on climate change and development #WeAreTransport

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