A Big Welcome to the World Benchmarking Alliance to the SLOCAT Partnership

It is our pleasure to welcome the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) to our international, multi-stakeholder community of world-class experts and change-makers. WBA is a non-profit organisation holding 2,000 of the world’s most influential companies accountable for their part in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WBA has identified seven systems transformations that have the greatest potential to put society, planet and economy on a more sustainable and resilient path.

In October 2022, WBA published the findings from its transport benchmark that assesses how 90 major (keystone) transport companies across different industries (rail, aviation, shipping, road, and multi-modal) are performing concerning climate and social goals. The companies are assessed using the Assessing Low Carbon Transition (ACT) initiative methodology which measures how companies’ emission reduction commitments, targets, and transition plans align with a 1.5C scenario. WBA also assesses how these companies embody decent work, human rights, and just transition principles. The latter assessment is particularly important to ensure that the low-carbon transition is socially accepted, equitable and does not excessively burden workers and communities dependent on fossil fuel-intensive activities.

As part of its policy advocacy and engagement efforts, WBA joins the SLOCAT Partnership with the goal to build stronger relationships with the sustainable low carbon transport and urban transformation community to better shape transport policy outcomes.

“WBA is very excited to join the SLOCAT partnership to drive private sector collective action in the transport sector. Through collaborative actions with multiple stakeholders, WBA will  use insights from its assessments to support decision makers in holding transport companies accountable and incentivise them to develop credible transition plans that align with a 1.5C trajectory.”

– Joachim Roth, Climate Policy Lead, World Benchmarking Alliance

“With the unique perspectives they bring into the Partnership, we are excited to collaborate with WBA to catalyse and elaborate knowledge and policy tools for decision makers. Through WBA’s remarkable assessments and network, we look forward to empowering the private sector with the capacities and resources needed to take the right action.”

– Maruxa Cardama, SLOCAT Secretary General

For queries, please contact Alice Yiu, Director, Policy Outreach and Strategic Communications (alice.yiu@slocatpartnership.org)

More information about SLOCAT Partners can be found at www.slocat.net/our-partners.