What we do


To more effectively deliver on our work programme, from 2020 we are conceptually streamlining our traditional areas of work into 3 mutually-reinforcing work streams for co-creation, co-leadership and co-delivery among our partners and with strategic collaborations beyond our community. We are also introducing a series of strategic shifts to underpin our approaches and outputs across our work streams. Last but not least, we are fast-tracking the use of contemporary online and visual formats.


In order to land our Intended Impacts and Objectives 2020-2022 in specific thematic areas, from 2020 SLOCAT will primarily focus on a series of catalytic themes and cross-cutting lenses that reflect the integrated, inter-modal, multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approaches for transforming transport and mobility we champion. To maintain clarity around our positioning in the transport landscape; maximise the value-added of our collective work vis-à-vis the individual work of our partners, and seek the smartest impact with our limited resources, we will work on these thematic areas at varying levels of intensity.

Strategic Development Plan 2020-2022


This Strategic Development Plan 2020-2022 builds upon and consolidates the impact achieved by the SLOCAT Partnership; as well as the values that have governed us over the years. At the same time, this Plan proposes shifts to our business model, outlines our intended impacts and objectives for the next three years and lands them in specific catalytic themes and cross-cutting lenses for work at different levels of intensity. It also defines a series of organisation enablers that will nourish our capacity to deliver. In so doing, this Strategic Plan demonstrates one of the defining features of our Partnership: Our ability to evolve within the wider transport landscape, while preserving our recognised flexibility to punch above our weight and retaining focus on our mission of powering the sustainable, low carbon transport revolution with ambition, solutions and collaboration.

The adoption of this Plan 2020-2022 marks an exciting moment in the life of our Partnership, as we trace institutional, thematic and organisational pathways fit for the SLOCAT of the next decade.


Annual Report


Annual Report 2019

2019 is truly a remarkable year for the SLOCAT Partnership. As we have entered a new phase with new leadership and strategic vision, the Partnership continued to leverage the work of our 90+ members, strengthen our multi-stakeholder partnerships, and deepen our global engagement to enable knowledge and action for sustainable, low carbon transport.

As we reflect on our work in 2019, we feel empowered and re-energised by the high-caliber of our members, partners, and financial supporters, with their unwavering support for the SLOCAT Partnership. We applaud their dedication to inspire positive transformation, galvanise actions and optimise the influence of our Partnership.

We invite you to please take a moment to share the joy and success of our work presented in this report.