Through the webpage ” CAPSUT – Capacity Building on Sustainable Urban Transport”: as international platform for training activities in the field of urban mobility, the international community of practitioners and decision-makers in the field of mobility will be able to pick up knowledge, trends and developments more quickly and more comprehensively.

Organizations Making the Commitment:Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

These documents and the training course have helped support the development of our newly created ‘Sustainable Urban Mobility Unit’, as we use the documents as daily reference for our activities

N. Estupiñan, Deputy Minister of Transport Colombia

For the original text of the CAPSUT Voluntary Commitment, please see CAPSUT – “Capacity Building on Sustainable Urban Transport”

See 1st Status Report-CAPSUT – Capacity Building on Sustainable Urban Transport to learn more on the implementation of this voluntary commitment.