SLOCAT Task Force on Transport Community

Engagement in the UNFCCC

Set up in 2021 by the SLOCAT Secretariat jointly with partners.

Adopted the SLOCAT Five Year Strategy for Engagement in UNFCCC 2021 – 2025:

  • Focuses on multiple interactions in the process and aligns activities with the five-year cycle of the Paris Agreement.
  • Based on eight principles for Consistent, Competent, Timely, Relevant, Related, Equitable, Inclusive and Robust engagement.
  • Focuses on the whole year-long UNFCCC process rather than on specific meetings, with wide variety of engagement methods.
  • SLOCAT´s role as Co-Focal Point for the engagement of the Transport Sector in the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action is separate but complementary to the strategy.

Task Force partners

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SLOCAT provided thought leadership and advocacy to shape the global sustainable, low carbon transport agenda at UN Climate Chance Conferences (COPs), with growing credibility, influence and increased cooperation with our Partners and actors within and beyond the transport community