Five years after the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, transport emissions are still rising. Transitioning to zero-carbon transport worldwide is essential to keep climate change in check, literally clear the air, and support human health and healthy economies.

En Route to COP26—A high-level event to drive action for zero-emission transport now—is designed to accelerate collective and timely action. Scheduled to mark 12 months before the postponed United Nations Climate Conference under the UK Presidency. En Route to COP26 will put the key players—policy-makers, transport experts, corporate decision-makers, planners, and entrepreneurs— in the same virtual room to collaborate on driving action for zero-carbon transport now.

Co-created by leading thinkers and doers, En Route to COP26 will help countries, cities and companies across the globe to boost ambition, action, planning and implementation by focusing on a number of key issues:

  • National Climate and Transport Strategies
  • Low Carbon Urban Mobility Planning
  • Delivering Zero Emissions Freight
  • Why is transport central to green socio-economic reset?
  • Is this the end of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)?
  • Rethinking/re-organising /prioritising urban mobility / space
  • Identifying regional solutions / priorities
  • A fair low carbon transport transition?
  • How to make the economics work?
  • Transport and health

Learn the latest, join the discussion, get inspired— and help move zero-carbon transport from ideas to action!

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