Let's Talk Transport

A series dedicated to enhancing cooperation within the community, among its sectors and modes, and between transport and other communities. This includes Fireside Chats, one-on-one interviews and podcasts.

Two generations of SLOCAT-VREF Young Leaders in Sustainable Transport come together to discuss the ongoing challenges and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on transport and mobility. Each Young Leader zooms in on the solutions to the crisis on which they are working, and their expectations for the future of mobility after the pandemic subsides.

Transport and mobility can play a central role in improving the quality of life. In this Fireside Chat episode of Let’s Talk Transport, experts from the sustainable, low carbon transport community, together with others working on public health, air quality, and behaviour change, will investigate this topic in light of complex societal challenges.

This global health crisis is a game changer, shining a light on the inextricably linked social, economic, and environmental matters our societies must crucially address, as well as on our poor emergency management and preparedness. Against this backdrop, the sustainable, low carbon transport community must capitalise on the nerve struck by this emergency and evolve our narratives, advocacy efforts, and interaction with other communities in the interest of integrated approaches. Read more