E-Mobility Trends and Targets

SLOCAT traces the development of electric mobility/e-mobility with regard to market trend reports and tracking official targets by countries, cities, and companies. The major long-term visions by automobile companies are included as well.

The overview of e-mobility trends and targets covers:

A few countries and regions and regions have announced plans to phase-out fossil fuel vehicles and shift to e-mobility. Leading examples are shown in the map above. Countries and regions with the intention to phase out fossil fuel-powered vehicles by year:

2025: Norway
2030: Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Nepal, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden
2032: Scotland
2035: Colombia, United Kingdom
2040: British Columbia, California, Canada, France, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan (Province of China)
2050: Cabo Verde, Costa Rica, Japan, Mexico

The document will be constantly updated. The most recent version was released in January 2020 and it contains:

  • Insights of 55 market trend reports;
  • targets by 70 countries, 81 cities or regions and 50 companies;
  • Visions by 23 automobile companies.

Find SLOCAT’s e-mobility overview here.