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Green freight programs will be fully operational in Europe and Asia that help countries reduce fossil fuel dependency, improve air quality and minimize CO2 emissions. These programs promote reporting and reduction of fuel use and carbon emissions from freight movement and the standardization and harmonization of reporting. This helps the freight sector to become more competitive, improve carbon accounting and reporting to clients, ensure recognition of green efforts, and provide input into government freight policies and programs. 

Plan of Action


Update of Progress (2013-2014)


Work together with government agencies, the private sector, research institutes and civil society to develop national and regional green freight programs by:

Post-2015 Development Agenda

Green Freight Asia (GFA) proposes the implementation of the GFA Label in the form of a ‘soft-launch’. The scope of the ‘soft launch’ will include a limited number of companies (e.g. up to 20), the process will be managed by an (accredited) certification body, independent and neutral to GFA. Envisioned start: July 2014

Companies taking part in the ‘soft-launch’, who will achieve the GFA label criteria post benchmarking will be rewarded with the GFA Label (and will be the first to receive the GFA Label). Following the ‘soft-launch’, a review of the Label will conducted before end of 2014, feedback, lessons learnt and recommendations will be considered in preparation of the ‘hard-launch’ of the GFA Label in 2015.

Focal Persons

Bjorn Hannappel ( and Stephan Schablinski (