14 October 2015

ITF Policy Brief on Shipping and Climate Change: Shipping Emissions in 2050 Could Represent up to 14% of Total Global Emissions if Action Is Not Taken

The International Transport Forum (ITF) has released its latest policy brief, “Shipping and Climate Change: Where are we and which way forward?” The policy brief analyses the situation of maritime transport in the context of the upcoming UN climate change negotiations at COP 21, which is taking place from November 29 to December 11, 2015 in Paris, France.

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10 July 2015

SLoCaT Partnership is Collaborating with the Transformative Actions Program (TAP) At COP 21

The SLoCaT Partnership is pleased to announce that it has joined the Transformative Actions Program (TAP) as a partner.

The TAP, coordinated by ICLEI, aims to accelerate implementation of climate action of local and subnational governments by scaling up their direct investments and engagement in national and global mechanisms.

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7 July 2015

CODATU Initiative Supports Cities to Plan Sustainable Urban Mobility to Fight Climate Change

During the World Summit Climate and Territories (Lyon, France, 1-2 July), CODATU presents the initiative MobiliseYourCity that aims at strengthening urban mobility planning in developing countries to reduce urban transport greenhouse gas emissions.

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19 June 2015

Pope Francis Stresses Importance of Public Transport in Tackling Climate Change Problems in Recent Encyclical Letter

Pope Francis on the subway in Buenos Aires, Argentine, when serving as Archbishop Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio (Photo source: Philstar)

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8 June 2015

Latest ODI annual report concludes that 60% (US$ 503mil) of urban climate finance has gone to transport

The Overseas development institute (ODI) has released their annual report, Climate finance for cities: How Can International Climate Funds Support Low Carbon Resilient Urban Development. Succintly, the report concludes that transport is a key factor in urban development and has been the focus of climate financing from institutions since 2010.

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3 June 2015

The 2015 Global Climate Legislation Study shows an increase in transport legislation & emission targets

A recent study by the London School of Economics (LSE) and Grantham institute on climate change and the environment was published in June 2015 with the objective of compiling climate change-relevant legislation in the world in one easily accessible database for legislators, researchers and policy-makers.

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