Post-COVID Recovery: Major challenges for public transport

Sergio Avelleda, Director of Urban Mobility, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities Photo by billow 926/Unsplash The post-pandemic period will test one of the vital elements of our great cities. Public transport systems are facing unprecedented challenges, which will put their viability at risk. The city’s existence derives from an economic, social and psychological necessity: …

Moving towards the Implementation of Safe, Affordable and Sustainable Urban Mobility in Latin America and the Caribbean

Among the guiding principles of the New Urban Agenda (NAU) is the importance of strengthening mobility and sustainable urban transport. Likewise, the proposed Regional Action Plan for the implementation of NAU also seeks to promote sustainable modes of transport in the face of the challenges of climate change, urbanization and urban population growth.

A Call for Action for national governments to implement the necessary national action to deliver the transformation of urban mobility set out in the New Urban Agenda

Quito, Ecuador, 18th October 2016 

The transport and development community, meeting together in Quito, Ecuador on the occasion of Habitat III, welcomes the New Urban Agenda´s recognition of the broad contribution of sustainable urban mobility to sustainable urbanization.

We support the vision for urban mobility set out in the New Urban Agenda – but it now needs to be implemented.

Report of the One Day Seminary: "Climate Change: A Common Opportunity To Transform Urban Transport?"

On October 14th, a one day seminary was organized in Paris, France by CODATU focusing on the role of sustainable urban mobility in mitigating climate change.  Theone-day seminary was facilitated by Olivier Razemon, journalist at Le Monde.  The objective of the seminary was  to gather decision makers and national and international urban transport experts to highlight the role of sustainable urban mobility on climate change mitigation.

Urban Mobility in India

The Urban Mobility India (UMI) Conference and Expo is an annual event with the overarching theme which runs across all the aspects of urban mobility and is organized by the Institute of Urban Transport (India) under the aegis of the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. UMI is mandated by the National Urban Transport Policy of the Government of India, 2006 (NUTP). The objective of UMI is to bring together urban transport professionals and officials in the country as well as international experts to enable them to share views and to share their experiences.