Welcoming Fundación Centro para la Sostenibilidad Urbana (CPSU) to the SLOCAT Partnership

We are thrilled to welcome Fundación Centro para la Sostenibilidad Urbana (CPSU) to our vibrant, international, multi-stakeholder Partnership of change-makers. CPSU is a Costa Rica-based NGO that seeks to support and accelerate the transition of cities and communities in the Global South towards more sustainable and resilient development models that ensure quality of life for all. 

With a particular focus on implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, the CPSU uses multi-sectoral strategies that include research and development, technical advisory, participatory planning and capacity building in areas such as climate action, sustainable mobility, urban innovation and gender equality. 

As SLOCAT’s first Central American partner, CPSU aims to support the Partnership’s mission to enable collaborative knowledge and action for sustainable, low carbon transport by offering local insights and perspectives to our work, connecting us with experts from the region and bringing the voice of local actors to regional and global processes on sustainability and climate. 

“There are so many opportunities in the Central American region for  just, inclusive, resilient and clean mobility systems for inhabitants of all scales of human settlements. Sustainability was understood mainly in the context of biodiversity and nature conservation for a long time. Many efforts have been made to push our region and the world towards a more sustainable path. However, those efforts will not be enough if we don’t work with what’s around nature – which are cities and people. At CPSU, we strive to widen the understanding of what sustainability means for the Global South and how cities and transport are an essential part of taking the right actions. We are excited to join SLOCAT not only to learn, but also to contribute to the conversation about sustainable, low carbon transport from our experience and contexts.”

– Pablo Castro, CPSU Executive Director

“We welcome CPSU to join the Partnership and bring the voice of the region to our movement. Your strategic insights and unique perspectives will contribute to deepen SLOCATs footprint in the Central American region and support its transformation towards equitable, decarbonised, resilient transport and mobility systems.”

– Maruxa Cardama, SLOCAT Secretary General

For queries, please contact Alice Yiu, Director, Policy Outreach and Strategic Communications (alice.yiu@slocatpartnership.org).

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