Transport Greenhouse Gas Emissions Databases and Supporting Analyses

SLoCaT has developed 3 databases as tools for governments and low carbon project developers. These databases build on existing information and the official submissions by countries to the UNFCCC on their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Our analysis produces projections for transport and a series of country specific factsheets have been prepared which give a full overview of each countries transport GHG situation in an illustrative and intuitive format. The databases are listed below and can be downloaded in excel format:

Overview of Transport in National Communications and Biennial Reports                    (Latest version, 17/09/15)

Transport INDC Database (Latest version, 19/10/15)

Overview of Transport Mitigation Potential Studies (Latest version, 17/09/15)

National-Level Transport Emissions Factsheets (Latest version, 02/11/15)

Transport GHG Methodology Assessment Database (Latest version, 31/07/15)

A detailed outline and objectives of the existing and forthcoming knowledge products are presented in the GHG methodological note.

To guide the SLoCaT Partnership in its ongoing work on transport sector GHG analysis, it is intended to establish a review panel of external experts. The review panel can also play a role in recommending research directions after COP21. If you are interested to participate in the review panel, please contact Karl Peet at