Global Status Report Collection

Knowledge products to help decision makers and practitioners understand and identify policy options and solutions for prevailing, burning and emerging issues in the intersection of transport, climate and sustainability.

Transport Knowledge Base

The Transport and Knowledge Base (TraKB) is an open-source database that has been curated by SLOCAT over the years and that has been updated in conjunction with the SLOCAT Transport, Climate and Sustainability Global Status Report. All data from this SLOCAT flagship report are compiled in the TraKB, covering national transport CO2 emissions and data on major mobility modes (e.g. aviation, high-speed rail, bus rapid transit, urban rail, cars, cycling, walking).

All information contained in the TraKB, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Under this license, users are allowed to share (i.e. copy and redistribute data in any form) and adapt (i.e. build upon the data for any purpose) as long as appropriate credit is provided.

Regional Infographics on Transport, Climate and Sustainability

Released in 2021

Released in 2018


Country fact sheets on transport-energy nexus

SLOCAT and other partners are investigating how the transport and energy sectors can work together to make the radical shift needed to phase out fossil fuels and scale up renewables.

Eight country fact sheets were developed by SLOCAT in 2022 to summarise trends in fossil fuel energy, renewable energy, transport energy, and threats and opportunities across these areas. These fact sheets have been used to support the summary analysis for a framework comparing per-capita fossil fuel subsidy trends and transport ambition to reduce transport oil demand.

Transport Data for Development – Starter Data Kits by the Climate Compatible

Growth Programme

SLOCAT is collaborating with the Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) programme to bridge the gap between data and decision making by providing free, open-access transport data. To that aim, SLOCAT is contributing transport data to the Transport Starter Data Kits; synthesising available data on passenger and freight activity, energy intensity, load factors and vehicle fleets for 10 Asian, 50 African and 2 Latin American countries*. These Starter Data Kits are accompanied by a Data Gaps Report and a Call to Action on Closing Data Gaps for Transport Policy in Africa.

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