Infographic on transport, climate change and sustainable development in IsDB member countries

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the SLOCAT Secretariat produced an infographic on sustainable, low carbon transport in IsDB member countries. The infographic summarises the major findings of the two reports “Low-Carbon Transport for Development” and  “Transport, Climate Action and Sustainable Development“. Please access the infographic on sustainable transport in IsDB member countries here.

Supported by various visuals, the infographic shows the current trends on transport demand and emission trends. It shows action in the various regions covered by the IsDB  actions aligned to Avoid-Shift-Improve framework. The NDC-VNR synergy guidance featured in this knowledge product shows how to mainstream, accelerate, and support policies.

The infographic draws linkages between recommendations of Phase I and Phase II reports, e.g.:

  • Increase access/equity of low-carbon transport with GDP growth;
  • Increase investments in low-carbon urban public transport;
  • Address projected growth in vehicle ownership and use;
  • Increase transport mitigation ambition and implementation;
  • Mainstream resilience measures in transport infrastructure/services.

The IsDB supports projects in 57 member countries spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Sustainable transport is crucial to achieving IsDB’s development mandate and vision for transformative and inclusive social and economic development in its member countries. IsDB sees the sustainable provision of economic and social infrastructure as one of five pillars in its ten-year strategic plan. It has developed a transport sector policy and a climate change policy to guide investments in these areas. The SLOCAT Partnership believes that sustainable, low carbon transport is central to ensuring equitable socio-economic prosperity for all people.