‘Pas-Port to Mobility’ a freely accessible portal with 10 different angles for city officials to approach sustainable urban mobility:

Organizations Making the Commitment: Velo Mondial, RAI Intertraffic Amsterdam

I’m particularly proud that cycling takes a very important place on Gdansk’s political agenda. Thanks to the projects like Mimosa we are able to go further, to introduce travel behavior change programs that encourage people to walk and cycle. There is still a lot to be done of course, but we are definitely on the right path.”
Maciej Lisicki, Deputy Mayor of Gdansk, commenting on ‘Engaging Cycling Cities; Ingredients for success” and the portal based on the book:  http://www.pas-port.info –

For the original text of the Pas-Port to Mobility Commitment, please see Pas-port to Mobility

See 1st Status Report-Pas-port to Mobility to learn more on the implementation of this voluntary commitment.