9 September 2015

5th Asian Mayors Forum Included Transport as a Key Focus

The Fifth Executive Board meeting of the Asian Majors Forum (AMF) took place in Tehran and Qazvin, Iran, from 29 August-1 September 2015.

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19 August 2015

57% of Global Transport Emissions covered by Current INDC's

A transport-focused summary of currently submitted Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC)- 18th of August 2015.

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15 July 2015

New BRICS Strategy Emphasizes Importance of Transport in Facilitating Economic Development

At its seventh annual summit, the BRICS group of countries (Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China and South Africa) announced the BRICS Economic Partnership Strategy through 2020, which aims to strengthen ties in transport, energy, and other sectors. The BRICS also adopted the New Development Bank and Contingent Reserve Arrangement, with a total capacity of US$200 billion.

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7 July 2015

CODATU Initiative Supports Cities to Plan Sustainable Urban Mobility to Fight Climate Change

During the World Summit Climate and Territories (Lyon, France, 1-2 July), CODATU presents the initiative MobiliseYourCity that aims at strengthening urban mobility planning in developing countries to reduce urban transport greenhouse gas emissions.

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26 June 2015

INDCs of Morocco and Ethiopia Propose Actions on Transport

In preparation of COP 21, countries have agreed to publicly outline their post-2020 climate action plans, known as their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs).

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11 June 2015

Transport and Environment Briefing: EU Vehicle Emission Standards Are Essential to Meet the 2030 EU Emission Targets

A recent briefing by Transport and Environment titled ‘Road to 2030:How EU Vehicle Emission Standards help Member States Meet Climate Targets‘ shows that CO2 standards for new cars, vans and trucks are essential to meet the 2030 EU emission targets; depending on assumptions, they can close around half of the gap between targets and ‘business as usual’ trends, according to the study.

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