Importance of Transport NAMAs and MRV Highlighted in Two Sessions at the UNEP NAMA Workshop

The UNEP Regional Workshop on NAMAs was held in Ha Long City, Vietnam on October 1st to 3rd. Supported by GIZ, two transport sessions were held to exchange insights and facilitate discussions on the role of Transport NAMAs in implementing sustinable transport development in ASEAN countries. The thematic session consists of the following presenations:

The session also focuses on the following six questions for discussion:

  1. If you would ask your ministry of transport what is the most important aspect of a transport NAMA, what do you think they would say?
  2. Think of 2-3 arguments transport officials in your country might raise against doing a NAMA. For each of these, what would be your counterargument in favour of transport-NAMA?
  3. Imagine you are the ministry of transport and you would select a NAMA based on the mitigation potential, where would you see the biggest opportunities? Which policy instruments do you consider suitable to tackle this potential? Suggest three opportunities including appropriate instruments.
  4. Are mitigation actions in the transport sector expensive? How can potentially small volumes climate finance be utilized most effectively for significantly reducing GHG emissions?
  5. Fragmented responsibilities across the government for transport-policymaking are in many countries a barrier for comprehensive action on low carbon transport. How do you think could a NAMA help overcome such challenges?
  6. Imagine you have successfully selected a transport NAMA, what are your three next steps in order to move it from idea to implementation?
Presentation summaries and discussion results are available on the event’s website in here
A list of the key outcomes of the other Transport-NAMA Session, Roundtable meeting: GIZ ASEAN regional exchange on MRV for transport NAMAs, is also available on the website