Apply for the 2019 Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship by January 25

The Schipper family and EMBARQ, the sustainable urban mobility initiative of WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, are accepting applications for the 2019 Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship for Sustainable Transport and Energy Efficiency. The Scholarship will award up to two extraordinary candidates a maximum of $10,000 each to advance transformative research in efficient and sustainable transport. Applications are due by February 7, 2019 (extended from Jan 25!).

Apply here.

The “Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship for Sustainable Transport and Energy Efficiency” targets supporting the momentum of Lee Schipper’s contribution to the enrichment of the international policy dialogue in the fields of sustainable transport and energy efficiency. Lee Schipper, international physicist, researcher, musician and co-founder of EMBARQ inspired and shaped the thinking of a generation of students and professionals and was widely recognized for enriching policy dialogue with his passion for data and challenging conventional wisdom.

The Scholarship is aimed at expanding the contributions to research and policy dialogue in the field of sustainable transport and energy efficiency. In memory of Lee’s work, the Scholarship will support initiatives triggering and catalyzing transformative research and policy papers. The Scholarship will place a special emphasis on “iconoclastic” contributions (challenging conventional wisdom) that have clear, transformative outputs and contribute to measurable changes.

The Scholarship will support proposals that span different stages nurturing policy dialogue including:


  • Data collection and data quality
  • Diagnosis through data analysis (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Policy analysis and evaluation
  • Interdisciplinary and international comparative analysis



The Scholarship is aimed at supporting young individual researchers and students in their pursuance of the enrichment of policy dialogue consistent with Lee Schipper’s contributions. The Scholarship will be international in nature with no geographical restrictions (developed vs. developing countries). This approach is consistent with Lee Schipper’s work, which spanned broadly geographically and across sectors. The Scholarship is governed by an Advisory Board of selected experts in the field and will be managed under the umbrella of the World Resources Institute Foundation. The scholarships will be awarded through a transparent process with strong governance procedures.

Find out more about the Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship here.