Work Program 2013-2014

From Breakthrough to Breakout”.  After having realized an internal consensus in the transport community on the need for more sustainable, low carbon transport and realizing a convergence around the “Avoid-Shift-Improve” as the new paradigm for development of transport infrastructure and services in the context of sustainable, low carbon development the emphasis of the SLoCaT Partnership will now shift to bringing the wider development community on-board and promote the rapid scaling up of sustainable, low carbon transport solutions.

Climate Instruments for the Transport Sector (CITS)

Climate Change Mitigation is expected to gain in importance in a new post 2012 Climate Agreement. This makes it increasingly relevant for the transport sector in developing countries to contribute to such mitigation efforts. Transport has not done well under the current CDM. This was partly due to the reason that the specific characteristics of the transport sector were not taken into consideration during the detailed design of CDM.