Euroclima+ in LAC Region

Euroclima+ is the European Union’s flagship regional cooperation programme, promoting environmentally sustainable and climate-resilient development in 18 Latin American countries, particularly for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations. Its objective is to reduce the impact of climate change and its effects in Latin America by promoting mitigation and adaptation to climate change, resilience, and investment.

In addition to focusing on urban mobility, Euroclima+ works in several different sectors, including climate governance, renewable energy and energy efficiency, and disaster risk management and reduction.

SLOCAT provides advocacy messaging and technical support to countries and other stakeholders in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, towards building a pathway towards sustainable, low carbon transport by supporting the transformation of urban mobility.

Organise targeted outreach and capacity-building to regional policymakers.

Facilitate dialogues to increase attention to urban mobility in national climate discussions.

Provide support to increase urban mobility ambition in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of the Paris Agreement.

Highlight regional mobility work in global climate and transport activities.

Conduct regional-level analysis of sustainable transport issues.


National Urban Mobility Policies and Investment Programmes in support of Climate Commitments in Latin America and the Caribbean

Together with MobiliseYourCity, SLOCAT developed the snapshot analysis “National Urban Mobility Policies and Investment Programmes in support of Climate Commitments in Latin America and the Caribbean” highlighting the role of NUMPs as major mechanisms for supporting transport climate action in the region, and providing case studies of NUMPs developed with support of EUROCLIMA+ (Chile, Colombia and Uruguay).

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Movilidad urbana sostenible en apoyo al cumplimiento de las NDCs en América Latina y el Caribe

SLOCAT collected video messages from LAC government representatives (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Cuba) at the 4th EUROCLIMA+ Beneficiaries Meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay. The videos highlight the progress, challenges and strengths of transport climate action in the region.

¿Hay coherencia entre las estrategias climáticas y las políticas de transporte? El caso de América Latina y el Caribe para los niveles nacional y subnacional

An analysis of the coherence between the climate commitments acquired by seven countries of Latin America and the Caribbean in their NDCs or LTS and the implementation through national and local transport plans/policies, with the goal of identifying whether climate commitments are effectively being reflected in the daily actions of national and subnational governments.

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Estrategias Climáticas para el Transporte en América Latina y el Caribe

An infographic and video sharing insights and key findings on regional trends in the inclusion of transport in second generation NDCs and LTS in LAC.

Read more: Transporte en las actualizaciones de las NDCs y LTS de América Latina y el Caribe

Other Activities

  • SLOCAT supported EUROCLIMA+ in designing a facilitation methodology for capacity-building workshops to aid Brazilian municipalities in structuring sustainable transport projects.
  • SLOCAT provided strategic advice on the functioning and long-term sustainability of the Urban Mobility Community of Practice in Latin America.
  • SLOCAT brought insights to support the implementation of transport and climate ambition outlined in countries’ NDCs/LTS into the 4th EUROCLIMA+ Urban Mobility Beneficiaries Meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay through the delivery of:
    • An interactive workshop for a group of regional representatives from national and subnational governments of Latin America and the Caribbean to review their local and national transport plans against the transport commitments made in their NDCs/LTS and identify opportunities to enhance coherence.
    • A presentation on the role of Multilateral Development Banks in supporting the implementation of transport and climate commitments during a session about Financing
    • An interactive presentation and reflection about the value of the regional Community of Practice
  • Ensured the inclusion of sustainable urban mobility in the 2022 Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week (LACCW) through the delivery of two side events which highlighted best practices from projects supported by the EUROCLIMA+ programme:
    • “Delivering on National Climate Ambition in Latin America and the Caribbean: Enhancing the Coherence of NDCs and National and Subnational Transport Plans” in which Uruguay shared the country’s experience integrating sustainable urban mobility into national planning, including by developing a National Urban Mobility Plan (NUMP) that supports implementation of the transport aspects of Uruguay’s NDC, which is in the process of being updated. The Dominican Republic shared their experiences taking national and local action to decarbonise transport to help achieve the goals set out in the country’s updated NDC.
    • “Popular Transport’s Role in the Race to Zero: Case Studies from Latin America and the Caribbean” in which Guatemala shared their experience integrating electric three wheelers into their public transport system in San Juan Comalapa, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic shared their experience including popular transport in the City’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.
  • SLOCAT supported the organisation and delivery of the event, “Learning Together – Learning the role of transport on the NDCs” during the Latin America and the Caribbean day of the 2022 Transport and Climate Change Week (TCCW), including a presentation by Liza Castillo, Senior Advisor, SLOCAT on transport content in second generation NDCs at both the global level and in LAC.
  • Facilitated the engagement ofLAC regional actors at COP26, including through:
  • Contributed to the 2021 Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week (LACCW) transport and mobility programme organised by UNEP in partnership with EUROCLIMA+ and the regional urban mobility community of practice to highlight best practices in local and national governance, active mobility and urban freight.
  • Shared insights on regional trends at a number of events, including:
    • Transición energética para la movilidad sostenible: casos exitosos, retos y oportunidades en Guatemala” organised by the Energy Commission of the National Council of Science and Technology of Guatemala with the support of the LEDS-LAC Transport Working Group.
    • “Intercambio técnico – Movilidad eléctrica para todos: estrategias de electrificación de modos de transporte urbano en América Latina” organised by GIZ’s Moving Chile.
    • Online course “Transformando la Movilidad Urbana: Introducción a la Planeación del Transporte para Ciudades Sostenibles” organised by the University College London, the Transforming Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI), and EUROCLIMA+, and facilitated by Asociación Sustentar.
    • Diálogos regionales entre pares – América Latina Transporte en Estrategias de Largo Plazo organised by EUROCLIMA+/GIZ with regional partners.
  • Delivered a presentation on transport and renewables integration at a meeting of the ArticuLAC Community of Practice , with support of the LEDS-LAC Transport Working Group and participated in its monthly coordination meetings.
  • Disseminated the experiences of two Costa Rican municipalities in developing a cycling network with support of EUROCLIMA+ through the Morning Commute Blog “Green Transport I Costa Rican Municipalities cycling towards a green mobility transformation – The Case of Montes de Oca and Curridabat”.