Join us in celebrating the arrival of Sustentar!

We are thrilled to welcome Sustentar to our vibrant, international, multi-stakeholder Partnership of change-makers. Sustentar’s aim is to be a leading factor in the contribution of sustainable development in Argentina and Latin America based on a systemic and multidisciplinary approach, promoting synergies with related organizations.

Sustentar and SLOCAT are both fueled by a common vision for the transport sector advocating for a safe, inclusive, resilient and low-carbon mobility, with special focus on the sustainable development of Latin America and the Caribbean. We share similar values of collaborative and multi-stakeholder community; impact-oriented actions; integral, systemic and tipple impact approaches; and, long-term vision.

“As head of the Sustainable Mobility team I could not be more proud to be joining the SLOCAT community” said Carolina Chantrill, Director of Sustainable Mobility at Sustentar. “After many fruitful joint efforts with the SLOCAT Secretariat and several of its members, we came to this milestone that sets the stage for continuous collaboration. I look forward to the projects and initiatives we will take on together for driving transport towards net-zero, resilient and inclusive mobility.”  

Maruxa Cardama, SLOCAT Secretary General, stated: “We are excited to officially welcome Sustentar, who is a long-term collaborator, to our Partnership. We look forward to working with Sustentar to promote actions for a comprehensive and sustainable mobility approach and jointly strengthen SLOCAT’s footprint in Latin America.”

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