DFID-SLoCaT Project on State of Knowledge Study on Low Carbon High Volume Transport

In August 2018, the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) was awarded a project under the Applied Research Programme into High Volume Transport (HVT), Theme 3 developed by the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom (DFID). The project aims to explore the current state of knowledge and capacity of low carbon transport for high volume transport in selected priority countries in Africa and South Asia. The project provides a review of potential transport solutions for the selected priority countries to move towards low carbon passenger and freight transport.

The project also aims to provide recommendations to DFID regarding the direction and content for Part 2 of the Applied HVT Research Programme on Low Carbon Transport and evaluate the feasibility of the supporting capacity building and knowledge management strategies for Part 2.

The activities of this project are categorised under three major workstreas:

  1. Workstream A: State of Knowledge on Low Carbon Transport
  2. Workstream B: Capacity Building Needs Assessment and Strategy
  3. Workstream C: Synthesis of Outputs

The project will produce the following main results:

  • A State of Knowledge (SoK) Interim Report that reviews and assesses current knowledge on low carbon options and solutions for passenger and freight transport, and identifies the potential research topics for Part 2;
  • At least two SoK Papers that are ready for submission to relevant open access peer-reviewed journals;
  • A capacity building strategy for the institutions responsible for the practical uptake and implementation of research findings.
New Updates


Background Information: Potential for Low Carbon Actions to Mitigate Emissions from High Volume Transport

The rate of emissions from the transport sector is increasing at a faster than any other sectors. With emissions projected to rise in most global BAU scenarios, transport is currently off-track to meet Paris Agreement targets and likely up to 13.6 Gt and potentially up to 18 Gt by 2050 under an average scenario. Improving the probability of reaching a 1.5DS target will require higher ambition and more comprehensive measures in low carbon transport plans from DFID priority countries in Africa and the South Asia regions. See More


Project Deliverables

The final report of the project comes along with extensives appendices containting information and data collected in support of the activities. The individual appendix files can be retrieved here:



For more information, please contact Alice Yiu at alice.yiu@slocatpartnership.org.