By 2020, the Bus Rapid Standard (BRT) Standard will help evaluate bus rapid transit (BRT) systems, recognize those of the highest quality, enabling planning, design, and development of the best proposals.  At least 10 cities have used the Standard to make their systems higher quality silver or gold standard and will serve as global models, inspiring better systems worldwide.

Organizations making the commitment: Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), GIZ, GSD, Logit Engineering

In Chicago, The BRT Standard helped us guide design on two planned signature BRT corridors and include measures we otherwise would not have considered. The BRT Standard 2013 provides a clear roadmap to high-quality BRT. In just two years, it has become a well-recognized tool used by more and more cities, quickly becoming a key piece of the global urban renaissance.”

Gabe Klein, Chicago’s Commissioner for Transportation

For the original text of the Principles for Transport in Urban Life Voluntary Commitment, please see Principles for Bus Rapid Transit Systems

See 1st Status Report-Principles for Bus Rapid Transit Systems to learn more on the implementation of this Voluntary Commitment.