Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report

SLOCAT is leading the production of the Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report (TCC-GSR), a biennial flagship report illustrating global trends in transport demand and emissions and showcasing policy targets and measures across global regions. The report demonstrates that the climate change mitigation efforts required to reach Paris Agreement targets are closely tied to transport decarbonisation.


The TCC-GSR is a key resource for policy-makers to support raising ambition on climate action (mitigation and adaptation) in sustainable transport and to increase ambition in UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).


The TCC-GSR 2018 offers policy-makers and practitioners a compilation of 180 policy examples from over 70 countries. The TCC-GSR provides a data repository on transport and climate change (compiled in the Transport Knowledge Base (TraKB)), combining quantitative and qualitative data.


Download the Transport and Climate Change 2018 Global Status Report 2018 (TCC-GSR) here:

TCC-GSR Outreach Material

Transport Knowledge Base (TraKB)

The TCC-GSR 2018 is supported by SLoCaT’s central database, called TraKB, that combines available data on sustainable transport and makes it accessible. You can find more information about TraKB here and download TraKB Version 0.2 here.


National Focal Points

For the second edition of the TCC-GSR, the collection of information will be enhanced through national focal points. This approach will ensure a better geographic diversity of information and deliver a more comprehensive picture of the progress of climate action in transport. Find out more about the TCC-GSR national focal points here and register here.


TCC-GSR Webinars

So far, there have been two webinars summarizing the content of the TCC-GSR. Please find the recordings of the webinars here:


Regional Infographics on Transport and Climate Change

Based on the findings of the TCC-GSR, SLoCaT developed three regional infographics. They show the trends and activities on sustainable transport in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Key Questions on the TCC-GSR

1. What elements does the TCC-GSR contain?

2. How was the TCC-GSR being developed?

3. How can you contribute to the TCC-GSR?

Please contact Nikola Medimorec, ( for further inquiries.

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