Global Status Report on Transport and Climate Change

SLOCAT is leading the production of the Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report (TCC-GSR), a biennial flagship report illustrating global trends in transport demand and emissions and showcasing policy targets and measures across global regions. The report demonstrates that the climate change mitigation efforts required to reach Paris Agreement targets are closely tied to transport decarbonisation.


TCC-GSR is a key resource for policy-makers to support raising ambition on climate action (mitigation and adaptation) in sustainable transport and to increase ambition in UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Compilation of policy measures,
targets and market trends

Central data repository on
transport and climate change

Illustration of climate and
development co-benefits

TCC-GSR 2020

Development of the 2020 edition was under way in 2020, including:

  • A set of 30 country fact sheets of top emitters in each region to showcase progress at national levels;
  • Data contributions from primary sources, conducted through a network of national focal points to ensure a greater diversity of data and policies from a broader set of regions;
  • Update to the Transport Knowledge Base (TraKB) as an easy accessible Excel workbook (further information in the next section).
  • The development process is guided by a global Strategy Team, which consists of development agencies, intergovernmental organisations, multilateral development banks, multi-stakeholder partnerships, non-governmental organisations, UN regional commissions and research organisations:


TCC-GSR 2020 is supported by


TCC-GSR 2018


The first edition of the TCC-GSR was released in December 2018 with the support of more than 20 authors, 40 contributors and 50 peer reviewers from more than 30 organisations. Since its release, the report has been a key resource for policy advocacy, training and outreach activities on transport and climate change.

  Low-resolution version (12 mb)      High-resolution version (57 mb)

TCC-GSR 2018: Trends and Actions  I  April 2019

TCC-GSR 2018: Low Carbon Transport Measures   I  May 2019

Transport Knowledge Base (TraKB)

The TCC-GSR 2018 was supported by SLOCAT’s central database, TraKB, that combines available data on sustainable transport and makes it accessible. You can find more information about TraKB here and download TraKB Version 0.2 here.

Key Questions on the TCC-GSR 2018

1. What elements does the TCC-GSR 2018 contain?

2. How was the TCC-GSR being developed?

TCC-GSR 2018 was supported by