Santiago is seeking support for Transport NAMA on Transport Green Zone

The Santiago Transport Green Zone (STGZ) is comprised of four specific initiatives to promote low carbon emission transport modes that would be implemented within a defined area in downtown of Santiago, Chile. The initiatives include:  1) Promotion of zero and low emission vehicles in taxi fleets, municipality fleet and charging stations; 2) Incorporation of zero and low emission buses into the public transportation system in Santiago; 3)Promotion of non-motorized vehicle use, including the implementation of 6 km of new bicycle lanes, a pilot program for a bicycle sharing system, 1 connectivity solution for two existing bicycle lanes and bike signs in two areas within the STGZ 4)Traffic re-design and traffic management which new pedestrian and semi-pedestrian streets, exclusive lanes for ZLEV buses and bicycle parking.

These four initiatives are integrated in one single area which has been defined in conjunction with the Municipality of Santiago. It’s geographic perimeter includes the Historic Triangle of the city center of Santiago which covers about two square kilometers. Many historic sites of the city can be found inside the STGZ, including the Main Square “Plaza de Armas”, Santiago’s Cathedral, the Government Palace “La Moneda”, the Municipal Theatre, Santiago´s Central Market and the Parque Forestal central park, among others.

The selected zone is a very popular, touristic and commercial area, which ensures high impact and high visibility for all the STGZ initiatives. One of the main conclusions of the multistakeholder process to develop the STGZ is that it must be considered as a pilot project with a vast potential for redefining the urban transportation model with a new focus on integrated and sustainable transport. The implementation of the STGZ would also provide new ways of reducing GHG emissions and local pollutants. It is highly replicable in other cities, with the capability to expand from its original zone-definition towards a larger area within each city.

The Municipality of Santiago is seeking financial support for the Santiago Green Zone to finance the incremental costs of zero and low emissions vehicles and buses compared with the cost of traditional vehiciles. Support is also being requested for co-financing infrastrcuture related to electric charging points, new bicycle lanes, 1 connectivity solution to connect two existing bicycle lanes, bicycle parking and construction of new pedestrian areas in the Green Zone area. Also for hiring of 5 professional for implementation support and follow up.

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