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Association in Peace with the Environment was founded in 1,996, it’s main objective is “To Protect the Environment of the Human Being”, and due to the high vulnerability of Guatemala before natural disasters caused by the Climate Change, and after carrying out intensive analyzes to the effect of finding a solution that really make a significant difference to adapt to climate change threats, we realize that transport represents about 62% of CO2 emissions of the energy sector in Guatemala, and that action need to be taken since this was a sector that hadn’t been taken in account for this purpose.

Therefore, in 2013, after the approval by Congress of the Decree Law Against Climate Change Decree 7-2013, we determined that the most effective way was through the creation of a Mitigation Initiative for Transport to reduce GHG’s in order to combat Climate Change and develop Mechanism Projects to mitigate climate change. To that effect it was more than natural to realize that this could only be done through Electromobility and the use of electric vehicles in Guatemala to replace the existing vehicle park as the only efficient alternative to urban mobility before the alarming projections of the growth of the vehicle park for the year 2030, which would be more than 6 million vehicles according to the mathematical projection of growth from the existing vehicle park size at that time.

So from that moment on, Association in Peace with the Environment took the task of conceptualizing the idea and developing the logical framework for the Project that we call the GREEN ZONE ELECTROMOBILITY INITIATIVE, with the purpose of also replicating it in other countries.

We will be opening chapters of Association in Peace with the Environment in Ecuador and Morocco this year, after attending HABITAT III and COP22, where we intend to replicate the GREEN ZONE ELECTROMOBILITY INITIATIVE together with local partners.


GREEN ZONE ELECTROMOBILITY INITIATIVE is defined as A MITIGATION ACTION PROJECT FOR SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTATION  AND ELECTROMOBILITY IN GUATEMALA based on a renewable energy generation matrix, which aims to reduce Transport Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in order to  combat climate change and develop Mechanism Projects in view of the high vulnerability of Guatemala before natural disasters, by the use of intelligent electric vehicles in Guatemala, facilitating the implementation of an integrated charging and battery exchange network in green corridors, the replacement of fleets, the implementation of trans-shipment centers (Park&Ride). GREEN ZONE ELECTROMOBILITY INITIATIVE will bring the country and society significant social, economic and environmental benefits.

A cluster of public, academic and private institutions as well as  the international community is being formed, bringing together the main sectors involved in the legal and tax framework, standards and regulations, transportation, power generation and energy distribution for charging, connectivity, environment, and training;  to define functions of the participating entities, promoting and raising awareness about GREEN ZONE ELECTROMOBILITY INITIATIVE through promotional, research and development events.  to reduce transport GHG`s

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Guatemala -MARN- currently has a Technical and Administrative Cooperation Agreement with Association in Peace with the Environment for the development and implementation of the GREEN ZONE ELECTROMOBILITY INITIATIVE and we attended HABITAT III AND COP22 as National Delegates of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources of Guatemala as External Experts in Electromobility and Environment. Therefore, Association Peace with the Environment, was involved in the formulation  of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) for this project for which we were selected  as implementing organization to handle the technical component and program implementation for the  National  Mitigation Action (NAMA) presented by -MARN- to be funded by NAMA Facility. These INDCs publicly outline post-2020 climate actions that Guatemala intends to take in Transport, which we presented at Guatemala’s Side Event at COP22 as part of the -MARN- Electromobility and Sustainable Transport program in Guatemala

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