Ochenuel Mobility

Who we are

We are the sum of our collective passion, vision and expertise for creating the new mobility systems that is efficient, safe, economical and environmentally sustainable, inclusive, accessible and affordable by all irrespective of class ability and age.

Ochenuel Mobility is a subsidiary of Ochenuel Nigeria Limited which was incorporated as a multi-disciplinary limited liability company in 2012. Ochenuel Nigeria Limited operates in five different areas of businesses, and with urban mobility as its core area of expertise.

Ochenuel Mobility is a social enterprise and a multi modal transport firm covering road transport, rail- tram, cable, maritime transport and mobility of the future-autonomous and connected vehicles. We are involved in mobility policy developments, promotion of inclusive & people centered mobility, Transportation Engineering, operations & management, human resource development, research and data management.


To lead the development of smart and sustainable mobility in Africa


To be the best, most reliable and knowledge driven sustainable mobility service provider in Africa through

– low/no carbon mobility initiatives

– active mobility innovations for the growing  urban population

– cutting edge mobility technology deployment and management,

What we stand for

It is our belief that to have the society of our dream, we must all hold ourselves accountable for the demands to achieve that dream. That means creating innovative solutions to the challenges of today and the ones the future will bring. This inspires us to stay curious, research facts, act locally, and think globally.  This is the reason our Core Values are; Honesty, Partnership & Technology

Our team

We are built on the strength of our people. In every place where we operate, our teams are guided by the mission, vision and uphold our collective beliefs. We have not very many professionals in our direct employment, but with a large network of independent consultants who are experts in the various fields of our operation, who are mobilized to undertake any task within their area of expertise in our acquisition

Our clients

Our clients include government authorities at all levels (Federal, State/Regional, Local and city governments), private corporations and enterprises, local and international development partners, academic institutions and individuals

Latest report

COVID-19 & Implications for Transportation in Abuja:
A Call for Accelerated Development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Systems in the Post-Pandemic Recovery Agenda

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