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About European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

The EBRD is an international financial institution that supports projects in 34 countries across central and eastern Europe, central Asia and the southern and eastern Mediterranean. Investing primarily in private sector clients whose needs cannot be fully met by the market, the Bank is the largest investor in the region and it fosters transition towards open and democratic market economies

Transport is one of the core areas in the EBRD. In 2012, the Bank has invested close to €1.5 billion in 30 projects across all modes (road transport, urban transport, shipping, aviation and railways). The EBRD’s Strategy in transport is to promote and finance an efficient, sustainable and safe transport system which embodies market principles and is responsive to the needs of industry and the individual.

To support its vision, the EBRD has increasingly integrated sustainability into the mainstream of our operations through initiatives in areas such as energy efficiency, climate change adaptation, road safety and social inclusion. In each of them, policy dialogue activities are taken and dedicated technical cooperation funding is also provided to support the Bank’s clients in taking the steps necessary to move forward.

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