Join us in celebrating the arrival of 3 new SLOCAT Partners!


We are thrilled to welcome the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Trans-consult and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to our vibrant, international, multi-stakeholder Partnership of change-makers. EDF, one of the leading environmental organisations in the United States of America, focuses its transport strategy on transitioning away from fossil fuels towards more resilient, equitable and lower carbon energy systems. Trans-consult, a management consulting firm based in Hong Kong, provides operation and management advisory, data analytics and artificial intelligence, and specialised training on sustainable urban mobility. UNEP works worldwide to promote sustainable, low-emission transport and to reduce the sector’s contribution to air pollution and climate change.

“The timing could not be more opportune for us to join SLOCAT.” said Jill Duggan, Executive Director of Environmental Defense Fund, Europe. “In the run up to COP26, we are keen to partner with organisations working in Europe that really understand the landscape and know how to make change happen when it comes to decarbonising transport on land, sea and air. With the pandemic, we feel a new momentum to really make change and with SLOCAT members we’ve found the right mix of deep understanding, unique expertise and potential partners to help translate that momentum into action”.

Alok Jain, Trans-consult Managing Director shared his enthusiasm to join SLOCAT: “With the same core agenda to achieve decarbonised transport in cities, we at Trans-consult see a perfect alignment with the SLOCAT Partnership. We work with urban mobility operators, authorities, development agencies, NGOs and other organisations to deliver solutions which are value-driven, leverage on latest technologies and improve the well-being of the citizens and this planet. We hope that through collaboration with our SLOCAT  peers with similar goals, we all can create better strategies to achieve our common agenda”.

“Now more than ever we need to work together to support a global shift to low- and no-emissions mobility.” Rob de Jong, Head of the Sustainable Mobility Unit for UNEP said. “Emissions from the transport sector are set to double, resulting in major urban air pollution problems and rising greenhouse gas emissions. UNEP is pleased to join SLOCAT and looks forward to strengthening cooperation with SLOCAT partners to promote and support the global shift to sustainable low carbon mobility and to support governments and their partners develop and implement low- and no-emissions mobility roadmaps. UNEP is part of leading global programs in the areas of walking and cycling investment, cleaner fuels and vehicles (including used vehicles), automotive fuel economy, electric mobility and digitalization.

Maruxa Cardama SLOCAT Secretary General stated: “We are delighted to start 2021 welcoming EDF, Trans-consult and UNEP to our Partnership. We can’t wait to work with EDF towards lasting solutions for air quality, freight and clean energy; as well as further strategic collaborations with the health and renewable energies communities. We are truly excited to build strategic collaborations with Trans-consult to enable livable cities through smart, innovative mobility solutions; and to jointly strengthen SLOCAT’s footprint in Asia. And, as if this was not enough good news, we are delighted to welcome UNEP back to our Partnership, one of SLOCAT’s founding partners, to jointly champion decarbonised mobility systems that serve all people, especially those in the most vulnerable situations.”


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