SLoCaT Partnership calls for comments on the Proposed Results Framework on Sustainable Transport

Shanghai, China

To promote the integration of sustainable transport in global policies on sustainable development, the Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT) started the development of a Results Framework on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport in October 2013. It is intended that this Results Framework will result in:

a) An agreed common set of targets and indicators, defining sustainable, low carbon transport by 2030; this to guide the transport and development community in the development of transport infrastructure and services in support of economic and social development;

b) The integration of sustainable, low carbon transport in the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets as being developed by the Open Working Group (OWG) on SDGs.

The proposed Results Framework calls for targets to improve rural, urban and national access as well as regional connectivity in combination with targets to reduce road crashes, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.  The Results Framework was developed in consultation with over 30 organizations and was discussed in various stakeholder consultation events. A first formal round of stakeholder consultations was conducted in December 2013.  Comments received were integrated in the current draft of the proposed Results Framework.

SLoCaT Partnership is now soliciting comments on the proposed Results Framework.  The comments need to address the following questions and use the comment template;

  1. Are any major social, economic or environmental issues not covered, or not covered sufficiently, in the Results Framework on Sustainable Transport?
  2. Does the Results Framework sufficiently recognise the special mobility needs of vulnerable, poor or otherwise disadvantaged population groups and transport system users?
  3. Are the proposed targets and indicators measurable in terms of the monitoring and evaluation approaches outlined in the Results Framework and its Appendix on measurability?

SLoCaT welcomes all parties who would like to provide feedback on the proposed results framework by sending them to  latest by July 1st.  

All comments received will be integrated in a comments matrix and published on